Our Sponsored Children

I love being able to see all the photographs on social media of what is going on in Malawi. Looking at photos of the child I have sponsored and how much healthier and happier he looks now is great.” 

Child Sponsor, Friends of The William Stewart Centre, Malawi

Changing Lives Forever – Stories of Children that have been Sponsored

We’ve seen a big difference in Elias even though he’s only been sponsored for a short time. Now he has food in his tummy and has soap to wash himself and his clothes.

Granda is the oldest child of four and they live with their mum. Life was a huge struggle. Thankfully Granda and one of her brothers now have sponsors so the family have food in their tummies. Granda will be able to go to secondary school and not worry about child marriage.

Chikumbusko was all alone and suffering from malaria. Her grandfather, who she lived with, was seriously ill in hospital. Levison gave her new clothes, medicine and arranged a foster home with Timothy and his grandmother and we found a sponsor for her. Chikumbusko is thriving as she has people to care for her and food to eat. She will be able to continue with her education as her school fees will be paid and there is no danger of her being married off too young.

Moses left primary school at 15, having missed a lot of school helping his family get money for food. He did very well in his primary school leavers exams. Moses now has a sponsor who has boys just a bit older than Moses. The sponsor’s family are keen to see Moses succeed on the new apprenticeship programme and have a chance at a much better future.

Bonface passed his primary school exams but due to lack of money, like his friends, couldn’t afford the fees for secondary school. However, he’s got a sponsor and a place on the new apprenticeship programme and has hope for a better future with all the skills he will learn.

Kondwani passed all his primary school leaving exams at 16, having missed lots of school to work for a pittance. He also helps Levison take care of the goats. He will be able to learn lots as he has a sponsor for two years so he can have a place on the new apprenticeship programme.

Laston is an intelligent boy but was missing lots of school to work for a pittance to try to get some food. It has changed Laston’s life having a sponsor so he can attend school every day.

Brighton is 7 and lives with his auntie. His life has been brightened by having a sponsor….and the lady sponsoring him was brought up in Brighton, UK.

Saviour and his older brother Brian live with their elderly grandmother. They weren’t able to eat every day. Now both boys are sponsored they have food in their tummies and it’s made life a bit easier for them. Brian and younger brother Saviour both have sponsors and will be able to continue their education to secondary school as their fees will be paid. Their grandmother is secure in the knowledge that her grandsons have a brighter future.

Timothy lives with his elderly grandmother. They had nothing. Timothy loves helping in the fields and organising the younger children. Since having a sponsor he and his grandmother have food and his grandmother knows that Timothy has a more secure future. Since Timothy has had more regular food, his grades have improved at school. Timothy’s grandmother fosters Chikumbusko who now lives with them and has helped give her some security too. 

Catherine is the eldest of three children, Anock and Chawanagwa being her brothers. Life had been extremely tough for them all as their mum isn’t well. They now have a secure future thanks to their sponsor and Catherine no longer worries about being married off too young.

Chawanagwa is Anock’s older brother. They also have an older sister, Catherine. Their mum isn’t well and the family were really struggling. Thankfully a sponsor agreed to sponsor all three children, giving them food in their tummies and secondary school fees will be paid. Their mum feels happy and grateful that her children have a sponsor and it’s made life a bit easier for all of them.

Anock first came to our attention when Levison had some blankets to give out. Some children told him that Anock had nothing. When boxes of donated clothes arrived on a container, Anock was given new clothes, shoes and a school bag. Anock and his two older siblings live with their mum who isn’t well so cannot provide for her family. Things are much better now as all three children have been sponsored so the family have food to eat and all three will be able to go to secondary school as their fees be paid and uniform provided. 

Weston had missed school when trying to earn small amounts of money but he passed all his primary school leaving exams. Thanks to having a sponsor he now has a place on the new apprenticeship programme for two years and hope for the future.

Life for Manuel was such a struggle. Hardly any food, rags to wear….life couldn’t get much worse. Thanks to his sponsor he now has food, new clothes, soap to wash himself and his clothes and will be able to go to secondary school. He loves his new football that his sponsor gave him.

Loyce has had a difficult life. She was being brought up by her grandma who passed away. An auntie took Loyce in and we found her a sponsor which has made a big difference to Loyce. She has stability, food and knows that her sponsor cares about her. She no longer has the worry of child marriage.

Mwiza was born with a disability. This means things are even harder for his family. As his mum has to do the chores, and there is no way of getting Mwiza to school, he has been left on his own for long periods of time with little or no stimulation. The difference in him after a few months is amazing and it’s so good to see the big smile on his face. Thanks to his sponsor, his mum says he’s growing because of the food he is receiving. His muscles look a bit stronger too. Levison has given him some picture books which Mwiza has loved. There are also toys on their way to stimulate him and we are going to get someone to read to him.